Piret Reinson
Piret Reinson
Brand Strategist & Estonia Insider

Richard Lewis


“From my first meeting with Piret, it was evident that her passion for people, for Estonia, for branding, for creativity and for life itself was unlimited. Having never been to the country before, and in order to maximise my effectiveness, it was essential to be hosted by someone who was ‘uber-connected.’ Piret had high-level contacts at every business and government organisation I needed to see. And, more importantly, everyone knew and clearly respected her. Piret organised my whole trip and itinerary making additional suggestions over and above my own requests. She was extremely well organised, very happy to adapt if necessary and supremely assured throughout my three-day visit. Piret opened doors that would otherwise have remained closed. In addition, her in-depth cultural knowledge of Tallinn was extremely helpful. Without doubt, Piret was responsible for the success of my trip to Estonia. Thank you, Piret.”


Jan Karlin

Chief Communicator at Nordea Group

“I have worked closely together with Piret in Nordea for a number of years. Piret holds strong collaborative skills and is excellent in setting the right team composed of different competencies supplementing each-other.


She is also a very warm and caring person who is super dedicated to the companies she works for. She has good fingerspitz-gefühl. That combined with sound business knowledge is instrumental in helping her to achieve ambitious targets. I can warmly recommend Piret.”  


Adam Hofmann

CEO Scandhof Communications Agency

“I had the opportunity to attend a seminar under the leadership of Ms Piret Reinson at the Estonian embassy in Stockholm. I’m happy to argue that this was an eye-opening event which came to broaden my view on the Estonian and Baltic states. I highly recommend Piret as a trusted speaker who actively seeks to enchant the audience and leave them with a sense of broadened perspective”


Rika Ots Torm

Chairman of Estonian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

“Piret gave an interesting overview about Estonia’s image abroad with eye-opening facts and findings. Thank you, Piret, for your presentation and discussion with our members who are now more prepared to share new insights about Estonia and Estonians.” 


Liene Meklere-Kutsare

Head of Marketing Nordea Latvia

“Actually, I think that Passion should be Piret’s second name. Passion was felt in every single detail. To surprise and impress, - and above all to touch your soul. 

I have taken part in many team-building events, and the first one I always remember was organized by Piret. What made it so memorable? A perfect combination of opposite: chic and mud, cold and hot, team and individual at the same time. To make it even more difficult – we were people from 3 countries, communicating mostly by emails before the event, but we came out as a real team, indeed. 

Warning! Once you try Piret’s created events, it might be very difficult or even impossible to go back and be happy with other event agencies. Please, be aware of positive addictiveness before you try it, but definitely do, - if you are ready for next level event experience!!”  


Villem Valme

Creative Director at Tank

“Piret seems to have innate talent (coupled with a lot of experience) to stage events of different sizes and scope – with careful attention not only to the main idea, but to the smallest nuances of the execution. The crazier the event, the more thought-through the practical elements need to be. In addition, the job requires having insight into the human soul and acting as a social anthropologist, as every event is actually a collective outcome from a variety of participants. I would stress that it’s the staging (or creating), not the organizing, where the beauty of the game is found, the surprises and show elements present in each of Piret’s events. I’ve been honoured to take part in several events Piret has orchestrated, the most memorable of which was a strategy day for Nordea at Kau Manor. At the Nordea event, concise presentations were followed by experiences clearly belonging to the realm of  theatre. After strategic brain gymnastics, there couldn’t have been a better way to put away your everyday personality like a costume in the wardrobe and experience a mystical-magical journey, the end known to no one, not even yourself. This was followed by the dinner during which we became convinced that a hundred oaks should be planted in the garden of the manor, and everyone felt for a moment that not only good food and wine, but life, as well, has taste.”

Kairi Pops_Standardi brändijuht.jpg

Kairi Pops

Standardi brändijuht

“Pireti rõõmsameelsus ja entusiasm innustasid temaga koostööd tegema alates esimesest kohtumise hetkest! Tema oskus minna teemadega süvitsi, leida juba ka lühikese vestluse käigus üles kitsaskohad, millega tuleb tegeleda, on suurepärane. Piret leidis väga inspireerivad võimalused tiimisisese koostöö parendamiseks ja juhtis lennukalt ning positiivselt kogu tiimiürituse päeva fantastilises Arvo Pärdi keskuses, tõmbas inimesed täiesti oma mugavustsoonist välja ja pani teisiti mõtlema. Keeruline on soovitada kedagi positiivsemat, nutikamat ja sügavamat inimest tiimiürituse läbiviimiseks!”